Create 3D models in VR – the new age holistic approach

July 30, 2022
Create 3D models in VR

Video gaming, presentations at work, online classes have all taken up a new turn with the virtual reality headsets or create 3D models in VR that are made available today. Designers have taken interactive sessions several notches up by using an array of programs to create remarkable 3D worlds. When you play your favorite games, you can revel in the mesmerizing worlds created by these designers. A lot of these amazing worlds are created such that they are easily compatible with these VR headsets.

3D models

Anyone with internet connection, basic computer skills and a knack for 3D models can create these in virtual reality worlds. You need to access websites that allow the use of different programs designed for this purpose. Even students can use it to create models of their choice. There are different models available for different skill levels. Moreover, you may also find tutorials on the internet that teaches you how to use different programs. Use the internet to do your own research for new software as well as websites that allows you to learn and run VR tools.

How can you create 3D models?

While there are quite a few websites that allow you to do so on your own, these are some of the popular ones doing their rounds on the internet:

Sketchfab has introduced a new feature that allows 3D models that exist on their platform to be seen in virtual reality. These features usually fit into any existing models in a smooth manner and then can be viewed on Google Cardboard. Through this, you may be able to publish a model that you may have created to Sketchfab and then view it on your Cardbaord in just a few minutes.

Tinkercard also allows users to do the same and is considered a great platform for beginners. They also offer a free CAD program.

Fusion 360 is an intermediate program and has been made absolutely free of any cost for students. Unity is a software used to design video games.

Solidworks offers a discounted version especially for the students.

Google VR helps in documentation used in the process of developing VR apps for both Android as well as IOS devices.

These Environments can be viewed on desktops as well as mobiles sets. On a desktop you need to take help of your mouse and navigate the camera to check out the models. Mobile devices have a “view in VR” option that when pressed splits your screen into two. The split screens are made fit for each eye. You can place this mobile device inside a VR headset. What you see then is a single 3D image just like you would have seen on any 3D screen.

Today 3D modeling is being used in various walks of life. Presentations, classes, training modules are all using it to provide a holistic approach. Interactive scenarios are created using this technology. So, if you are looking for cost-effective models that can engage too many people at one time, Create 3D models in VR may be your solution.

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