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There are many readily available blog tools available on the web, WordPress being one such important and popular ones. You can publish your blogs on WordPress which has aided with PHP and MySql development so that your blog can be dynamic. WordPress is structured in a way with templates which shall help you customize your blogs. But however it often happens that bloggers or business owners feel that what WordPress offers does not reflect the purpose or essence of their website. In these cases it becomes necessary that you opt for WordPress customization which means incorporating certain special features and plug-ins for your blog. WordPress can also be integrated with your website with the help of CMS.


WordPress design Canada

WordPress design Canada WordPress customization amounts to altering the blog platform to suit your needs. There are numerous templates available, but they are also commonly used. So we at AAKS shall modify those templates so as to give you the maximum benefits with greater efficiency. WordPress customization will give a complete new look and feel to your blog. New and redesigned themes and plugins will improve the functionality of your blog. It will take your website to the next level which will be very helpful for SEO. This will also give you an idea of the latest trends and technology. WordPress customizing will result in creation and installation of new template and theme that would reflect the desired image of your business.


Joomla is popular open source content management software that requires a host supporting PHP4 and works on a MySQL database. The best thing about Joomla website is that it is able to function much better than a billion dollar website. There are more than 45000 developers supporting its expansion and it is here to stay.

With Joomla you can do everything from developing online virtual communities to preserving the web server for your joomla website and much more. Joomla CMS has a robust system that can be set to particular needs of the developer and a modern layout to keep things really simple. It offers you with the finest functionality and reduces the cost of setting a website.

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